Meet Divine Grace Buszka

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With guidance from Spirit, Divine Grace helps individuals on their healing, self-love, and ascension journey by walking them through deeply understanding and getting to know themselves and their experiences. As her healing and coaching sessions have evolved and refined throughout the years, she’s created a unique way for Spirit to come in and help clients deepen their healing journey, awakening them to who they are through the learning of their true Selves. In her healing transmission sessions, she channels Divine Light Language, a form of sound and vibrational healing. Allowing the sound and frequencies to come in as Light medicine, creating Light keys to help unlock self healing properties within the vibrational body.


In her work, Divine sees individuals as they truly are and identifies where their wounds manifested throughout their stories and experiences. She channels a collective of Higher Evolved Light Beings – which include the Lords of the Cosmos, Ascended Masters and Angelic Hosts – during healings, readings and her talks. Her healing is rooted in the belief that in order to fully heal ourselves in the present, and to get rid of current discomforts, we must allow ourselves to fully be present with our past and help understand the experiences there that have greatly impacted us. Through the understanding of our past experiences, we start to heal the root cause of our limiting beliefs, blocks and wounds. And, as we heal those wounds from the past, energy shifts for the better in the current as well. The foundation of her healing practice is rooted in ancient truths and mysteries from the past that she brings back to today to share and utilize to help with people’s healing journeys. It starts with the Self. Know Thyself.

Divine Grace is the owner of Divine Grace Today and the Divine Grace Today Sacred Healing Space. She is also the author of A Little Bit of Grace. Divine is certified in Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology Therapy (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and is also a Reiki Master. She is a mom to an amazing little boy who knows more about love than any other adult she knows and is the wife to a very talented improv comedian who she’s as smitten with as the day they met. She enjoys long runs, cooking, and literally stopping and smelling the flowers. Divine LOVES to read and write, and carries books with her wherever she goes. She has a thing for spy movies and hopes to be a secret agent in another life someday. While she recently had to become gluten free she remains on the hunt for delicious gluten free pizza!