All sessions available Remotely via Phone or Zoom Video Call.



This type of session is ideal for those that are feeling stuck, frustrated with life challenges, and/or those seeking peace, healing, and relief from old conditioning and fears. Consider it a deep spiritual cleanse to help propel you forward on your journey. Highly recommended before taking part in a Divine Guidance and Spiritual Coaching session.

A one-on-one energy healing session that begins with a brief talk and check-in on current discomforts, followed by a complete whole body healing and attunement through channeled Divine Light Language. Sending Light Medicine throughout all levels - mind, body, and spirit. The healing work is to ignite a paradigm shift within the cellular and vibrational levels of the body, unlocking codes within the body’s energy grids, generating automatic self-healing properties and a rapidity in one's ascension journey. Chakras are cleared and balanced, and overall energy is heightened through the attunements channeled through from Spirit. The healing session is completed by a reading that is greatly dense in information and messages received during the healing session. Suggestions and spiritual guidance is offered to the client based on their reading.

90 min. $160


This type of session is ideal for those that are deeply committed to their healing, self love and spiritual journey. Consider it a course in personal mastery - understanding one's own human experience and story, and stepping into one's divinity to create the life that they desire. 

A one-on-one session that consists of healing deep wounds, clearing blocks, and correcting old programming to help move you along on your journey. A conscious understanding of one's past experiences, discovering one's Self, discovering purpose, and being able to create one's desired reality moving forward. Spiritual and cognitive therapy work that first heals and understands the past (whether in this lifetime or past lifetimes) in order to create and grow. Spiritual homework (meditation, questions, and spiritual practices) is prescribed to the individual in order to apply what was worked on in the session.

90 min. $160


This type of session is for anyone who is looking to experience a past life of theirs with the intention to heal and to gain a better understanding of their life purpose, their soul mate relationships, and their current lessons.

Learn why it's so important to heal past lives. Considering that our experiences from past lives directly affect who we are here now in this present reality. Healing wounds and trauma from the past will help heal the present and create a better future.  Experience a past life of yours to understand and heal current wounds and blocks. 

90 min. $160


This type of session is ideal for those looking for clarity and needing answers and guidance for life's current discomforts and challenges. Consider it a heart-to-heart conversation with Spirit.

Channeling is the ability to connect with and receive guidance from Light Beings and Guides from the higher realms, such as the Ascended Masters and the Archangels. Channeled messages are found to be filled with a great amount of love and grace, relaying deep, beautiful wisdom and information from a higher evolved perspective in order to help you navigate through challenging experiences. Come prepared with questions and topics you wish to discuss with Spirit. 

60 min. $120


Gift Cards or Gift Certificates available for all services. Give the gift of healing, guidance, and/or a channeled reading to a loved one. Redeemable for in person session or phone/Zoom video. 

All sessions are Conducted via Zoom video or phone. Please indicate on notes at check out if you would like Zoom video, or provide a good phone number to be reached at for the session. If you choose Zoom video option, an email will be sent with a Zoom video link before the session.