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Breathwork Circle

Healing breathwork (Pranayama) is an ancient form of active meditation. Different from other forms of breathwork modalities, this one is gentle and natural, often compared to the movement of the ocean. Healing breathwork is proven to clear physical, mental, and emotional tension and trauma. It can restore neuroplasticity, increase productivity, and can create profound transformation for those searching for greater clarity, intimacy, and freedom.  Leave your monkey mind behind and connect with the Divine. Join us for a magical evening, connecting deeply with yourself and Spirit. 

Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat, bottle of water, and whatever you need to be comfortable laying on the floor. 

Breathwork Circle Led by Tobey is a lifelong student, always seeking and evolving. She began her personal growth path with the Wright Foundation in Chicago in 2004, diving deep into self-awareness, neuroscience, and transformational work. As a student with Wright for over a decade, Tobey is trained as a coach and group facilitator. When she moved to San Diego in 2013, her growth path led her to spirituality, where she overcame a painful addiction and turned her attention to healing her mind, body, and soul. Now a Reiki Master and Breathwork Practitioner trained by The Breath Center, Tobey is passionate about sharing her training and experience in an effort to help others find their own healing within.

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