A Little Bit of Grace- A Spiritual Memoir

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“Tales of defeat, triumph, and grace. Stories of out-of-this-world magic and the everyday, practical variety, which entailed having to do “the work” in order to forge ahead. They unveiled mysteries and identity. Life itself is a series of stories- ugly, beautiful, and everything in-between....Life’s flow is non-stop. One can’t refuse to move and still expect to be perfectly in-sync with it.”

Read the stories that make up Divine Grace's spiritual evolution and journey. From down to earth human experiences such as depression, eating disorders, physically abusive relationships, divorce, being a mom, starting over, rock bottom and embarking on a journey of Self-Love, to the very magical and out of this world spiritual experiences that will leave you questioning your own identity and purpose. It's a little bit of Eat, Pray, Love, a little bit of The Alchemist, and a whole lot of powerful truths revealed to anyone seeking to manifest healing, love, peace, freedom and happiness.

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